17 km Coastline Scenic Area 17公里海岸風景區

This is one of the must visit attractions in Hsinchu where you can explore beautiful sceneries of coastline on bike. Snap photos along the way to catch stunning sunset and enjoy seafood at Nanliao Fishing Port.

Most people think that the total length of the biking trail is 17 km. In fact, it is 34 km for the round trip. Although this may sound like a long distance, once you are on the road, you will surely set your mind on enjoying fantastic views of coastline, wetlands, mangroves, wind turbines and watching birds.

There are plenty of bike shops offering bike rental from NT$200 up at the starting point, Hsinchu Harbor (Nanliao Fishing Port). The biking trails are well-maintained with limited shades so make sure you have proper sun block protection, if you visit it around summer time. Needless to say more, the photos tell the story.

17 km Coastline Scenic Area


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