Nanliao Fishing Port 南寮漁港

Nanliao Fishing Port (南寮漁港) was opened in 1949 and was used to be a distribution center for fishing goods. Now it has become one of the popular recreational areas in Hsinchu and the starting point of 17 km Coastline Scenic Area, where you can also taste fresh seafood, enjoy the view of the harbor and fly kites.

The ground floor of fish market sells great varieties of fresh seafood with fair prices and on the second floor there are plenty restaurants sell seafood delicacies, such as fish soup, seafood stir fried etc. Alternately, you can ask the restaurant to cook the seafood that you just purchased at the ground floor and pay minimum for the service.

Besides the fish market, you can walk along the dike for a view of harbor, Taiwan Strait and sunset. The Nanliao Fishing Port does not have access to the beach which may be mistaken by others. However, it is a great place to be for family, friends and furry child. If you are into Pokemon Go, Nanliao Fishing Port definitely is a hot spot to catch the monsters. There is bus No. 15 departs from Hsinchu train station to Nanliao Fishing Port daily.


Nanliao Fishing Port



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